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Zhejiang Doyin Pump Industry Co., Ltd founded in1993Years,The registered capital of two hundred million yuan,The specialty is engaged in the Wells with submersible pump、Small submersible pump research and development on land、Production and sales。As a high-tech enterprises,The company is currently China's largest manufacturer and exporter of Wells with submersible pump(According to China's agricultural machinery industry association irrigation and drainage branch ranking),A total of products40Multiple series、2000A variety of models,Widely used in agriculture, forestry and irrigation、Living water、Industrial water、Pump water、Municipal engineering、Building water supply、The unclean/Water purification processing, etc。East with excellent quality、Its own export right and high quality service,Products all over Asia、Europe、Africa, etc60To many countries and regions。"To shape the international famous brand、To create excellent quality"Are endless pursuit in the east。East established the international leading pump research and development center、Testing center and the physical and chemical lab, etc,Have a first-class production equipment and testing equipment,In strict accordance with theISO9000Standard operation of the quality management system,Focus on the certainty of each product details。In the face of economic globalization、Better educated、The development trend of the network,The east of to"Passion、With your heart、Struggle、Loyalty"The spirit and"Practice what you preach、High speed and efficiency"Style for self,Expanding abroad、Domestic two markets,Firmly established"And the dealer concluded growth strategy partner"View of cooperation,Aspires to be desirable、Respected the first-class enterprise……

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Zhejiang Doyin Pump Industry Co., Ltd

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Zhejiang Doyin Pump Industry Co., Ltd
To shape the international famous brand · To create excellent quality”Are endless pursuit in the east
Zhejiang doyin industry co., LTD. Founded in 1993, the registered capital of 75 million yuan, the specialty is engaged in the Wells with submersible pump, small submersible pump, land development, production and sales. As a high and new technology enterprise
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